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Archery King is an archery-themed sport

game. In this game, you can show off your marksmanship with your bow, challenge

other players around the world. Considering the competitors, just ensure you

and your friends sign in using Facebook, you both can face off on the virtual

archery field. So, if you like sports and skills games, Archery King can combine the two perfectly. The gameplay in Archery King is simple; to

start, you tap the screen and slide your finger gently until your bow's sight

is centered perfectly on the target. Once you've got it aimed, let go to shoot

the arrow, earning the corresponding points according to where the arrow lands. Before taking a shot, make sure you

consider the strength and direction of the wind, which can make a huge

difference to where your arrow lands. This game makes each challenge a

little tougher by adding wind, longer distances and virtual competitors of

different skills levels. Sometimes, playing Archery King could inspire you to

create some unique targets of your own that you can try in the real world. There are two common modes in the game:

classic and challenge. The classic mode is head-to-head match against a

competitor for cyber-treasure. The more money you earn, the more courses you

can unlock. In this

mode, you’ll have a time limit to complete your shot. In the challenge mode, you’ll follow more

of an archery circuit, moving from one challenge to the next to

encounter varying targets, landscapes and weather. Some targets are moving, and

the challenges get tougher with longer distances and faster-moving targets. The

arrow’s angle is important in some levels. You’ll shoot at rows of balloons,

and must hit all of them in a row for the best score. After completing each

level, you’ll move on to the next. Besides, you’ll also get opportunities to

upgrade you gear, which could provide a significant advantage over you

competitors. The best chance for adding great gear and experience comes in the

single-player modes. 

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Android 4.1+

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